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In a sea of online personas, there’s this one girl with the name Yara Arini who captured our estranged beings in the Tumblr biosphere. Here’s a Charlie ‘n’ Charlotte interview with the iPhone-armed blogger who’s on the keyboard and behind the lens-- and we’re sure, her musings will tickle your poetic heart just as much.
(PS. We swear you'll find yourself going through her site, http://yaraelarini.tumblr.com/, after reading our exchange of dialogues with her.)

Who is Yara?
Yara is an 18-year-old girl who will one day build a cat shelter. As you can tell, she is quite the dreamer (smiles) but still remains unsure as to who she wants to be when she reaches adulthood. All the more, she is loving every moment, except suffering from PMS, as a teenager as she solely enjoys the roller coaster ride that is life. She also LOVES taking photographs of nearly everything and LOATHES that disgusting feeling when her bangs stick to her sweaty forehead. (scrunches face)

At what point in your life have you gotten into art? Like writing, photography, etc.
I started drawing at the age of five. I’ve drawn hideous stickmen of every surface I handed my pens on. I even drew a cat on the car seat of my dad’s car. He was very crossed. And… I’ve been into photography and writing when I started high school!

Where do you get inspiration for your works?
Is it fair to say that I am my own inspiration? Looking back, I started to understand more and more, my past self as a child. All my fears and thoughts used to be my enemies. Today, I am using myself as an inspiration to create these works of art, to send the different sides of me messages that even my subconscious self would read, and to speak with my readers through writing.

A popular opinion says that we should 'find ourselves' as early as possible, do you agree or disagree and why?
We never really find ourselves. People change ever so drastically like the seasons: Winter, spring, summer and fall. We'll only ever find ourselves when we look into the mirror and point, "hey, that's me." We are always lost, we always wander. And that's the purpose of our existence: to get lost. To never find ourselves; to live the adventure! (smiles)

What made you think of starting a blog?
Nothing. I just thought it sounded like fun in which it actually is. I started blogging since I was eight years old. I was using Piczo back in the days. Later, at 12, I discovered blogger THEN came Tumblr! Yay!

What's the best part of being in the Tumblr community?
Being completely open and unafraid of showing who you truly are! I like that my fellow bloggers are such open-minded and understanding people. They're awesome!

Over the past years of blogging and all that, have you ever thought that you'd have a number of people who constantly follows your works and stories?
I did not really expect people to actually fall in love with my creations. Where I am now, I have never been so grateful to have such wonderful readers.

You mostly write about love, what is love for you?
Love is everything in between. It's like a warm cup of coffee; leftover peach mango pie; it's not good, but bad it is not. It's predictably unpredictable. Love is a paradox.

Another question about love, have you ever been in love and what does it feel like in your point of view?
I have, actually! It feels really weird, to be honest. It's as if there are vultures, eagles, dinosaurs and a goddamn hurricane going on in my belly that I can't control.

You also sing, tell us more about your taste in music.
I don't really have a 'taste,' but I do listen to a bunch of indie songs!

Indie? What do you like about the genre?
Well, indie songs are really catchy to begin with. Plus, most of them have really creative lyrics!

Have your ever taken lessons on your singing or in art?
Nope! I am self-taught.

You also said that you're doing theatre in your school. What made you think you want to do theatre?
I was really bored so I thought hey, why not join the theatre and step outta my comfort zone?

Can you tell us a few of your favorite, argh-worthy books and movies? Why?
To be fair, I like a lot of movies. But my all-time favorite would definitely be Silent Hill (the older version). I used to watch it all the time back in the days. Books, on the other hand-- well it's not really a book-book, but a manga. It's called Oyasumi Punpun. It's more of a self-destructive-slash-depressing slash-sad-slash-realistic story but it's really nice. I've come to learn more about the bits and pieces of love, lust and life. Definitely a must read. (smiles)

For you, what's the best and the worst part about growing up?
The best part about growing up is that you learn new things easily and become more pragmatic. The worst part, however, is that you'll eventually start paying your own internet bills.

Do you have any advice for teens out there? Teens who are rushing to grow up?
DON'T RUSH. I swear. There's no going back once you're all old and stuff.

Interview by Mia Salazar
Assistance and photo editing by Jelou Galang
Original photos were grabbed from Yara's blog site (http://yaraelarini.tumblr.com/) with permission.

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